The Miami Shores Police Department is committed to serving all of the residents in our community. To better serve those with special needs the Miami Shores Police Department created a special needs registry for this at-risk population. 

This voluntary program is designed to improve our interactions and responses with individuals with special needs who reside within, or frequently visit, the Village of Miami Shores.  We invite individuals to proactively provide information to our department about any loved one(s) with special needs, regardless of age, who may require special assistance in an emergency situation or interaction with our officers.

Parents and caregivers may enroll any person of any age with any type of medical condition or disability, including but not limited to; Autism Spectrum Disorder, Alzheimer’s or Dementia, Bipolar Disorder, and Down syndrome. Adults with special needs may also enroll themselves.

How to register: 

To register for the Special Needs Registry/At Risk Registry, click Special Needs Registry and complete the onlineSpecial Needs / At Risk Registry Form.  A Miami Shores Police Officer will schedule a follow-up appointment to review the form information.

This program is subject to Florida Statue Chapter 119, and as such, upon request, information provided may not be confidential.

Please contact our Community Policing Unit at 305-759-2468 ext 7111 (Monday through Friday) with any questions.